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 European donors 'profiting from aid budgets' with high-interest loans

European donors have been accused of profiting from their aid budgets, as an increasing amount of their money for the world\'s poorest countries is being given as loans – which have to be paid back with interest. As budgets tighten, some EU states are using \"ambiguous and outdated\" international rules on what can count as official development assistance (ODA) to include high-interest loans to developing countries in their annual aid figures, said the European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad). ... More

 IMF fresh loan to Pakistan- a recipe to ruin

The cash-strapped newly installed Pakistan Muslim League (PML) government has no option but obey and implement all the IMF’s demands. A total of $3 billion has to be repaid during the current financial year, including to the IMF. Pakistan’s dollar reserves stood at $6 billion—only enough for Pakistan to pay for six weeks of imports. The strict conditions attached to the three-year EFF program include:... More

 Scottish government makes debt relief top priority

The Scottish government have signalled that they would take action to deal with unjust debts inherited from the UK, if there is a yes vote in 2014’s independence referendum. The Scottish government has said granting “Debt relief” will be one of its top four priorities for international development policy following independence, including questioning unjust debts, stopping the creation of new unjust debts and establishing Scotland as a centre for debt arbitration.... More

 Pakistan Rising Debt: Govt adds Rs.1trillion in just 3 months

The national debt of Pakistan under Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government has piled up in three months to an unprecedented level and added Rs980 billion in its debt stock, taking the total debt to approximate Rs15 trillion. The amount is exclusive of the loan obtained from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), aimed at averting a looming balance of payment crisis, according to figures released by the State Bank of Pakistan. The IMF loans are treated as the obligation of the SBP. By end June 2013, the central government’s total debt was Rs14 trillion that increased to Rs14.98 trillion by end September, showing an increase of Rs980 billion or 7%.... More

 Grenada calls for Debt Relief from all creditors

Our tiny island of Grenada, with not many more than 100,000 inhabitants, is saddled with a debt that cannot be sustained. We have been hard hit by the global financial crisis because it affected our cruise ship clientele in the US. A slow recovery from hurricanes in the last decade as well as the reduction in development assistance have also played a part. We are committed to bearing our share of the cost while finding a way out that is both equitable and sustainable.... More

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Protest demo against IFIs

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Pakistan Total External debt rises to $ 60 Billion


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